Your words

If you thesis writers for hire had breath for 99 words reliable writing service, what would they be?


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your 99 words in the box below.

3 Responses to Your words

  1. ‘Man is unjust unto himself.He is according to a great nature’
    Mongolians teach their children ‘to be born human is the greatest privilege’
    What can a stone do? A plant do? What can an animal do?
    What can a human do?
    Let us show our children the best of this era. That all life is one: all humanity one being.Offer skills we scarcely have ourselves: Mindfulness, yoga, self knowledge, unity.
    Lifelong capacity for vision (Love) is a birthright.To ask our essence ( which is THE essence) for guidance.
    ‘Ask, ask – you cannot out-ask this place.’

  2. Richard Twinch says:

    Coming here empty without expectation ā€“ did I mean to arrive or was I brought?

    Has my time arrived so soon ā€“ when here were so many hopes and plans?

    Am I ready to be received into the Great Silence from which I came?

    Pause. Wait. Listen…

    The nouns and adjectives merge – both sides of an invisible force field that projects me from the ‘then’ to the’ now’, and back again.

    Flowing to & fro, fro & to

    I am lulled in the cradle of time until my questioning, doubt and unreadiness are quieted and

    in the space-in-between

    ā€˜Iā€™ slips away.

  3. Mourad says:

    The 99 Names of God is an answer

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